3 Simple Chess Rules to Reach 2000 Rating Faster

These Rules Will Change YOUR Chess Forever! Even If You've Been Stuck for a While…


Why 95% of Chess Players Don't Progress Despite Years of Play

The overwhelming number of rules and lack of clear priorities contribute to the difficulty in advancing further in chess skill and understanding. I will show you how to progress in chess faster with just a few important rules.

3 Key Rules to Play Opening Like A Pro

Playing the opening phase of a chess game with precision is crucial for setting up a strong position and gaining an advantage. I will teach you the 3 key rules that can elevate your opening play to a professional level.

1 Positional Concept to Improve your Middlegame to 2000 ELO

Moving beyond the opening phase, understanding key positional concepts is essential for advancing your chess skills. One such concept that can significantly impact your middlegame.

Chess Rules to Think Like A Grandmaster

I will teach the chess rules that took me from 1600 to 2260 in just 1 year.

GM Igor Smirnov


For years, I found myself stuck around the 1600 rating mark in chess. Despite dedicated practice and hours spent analyzing games, my progress seemed stagnant. It wasn't until I sought the guidance of a chess coach that my journey took a dramatic turn.

The coaches offered me loads of different training systems, but they didn’t know the answer to this simple question. “How to make real progress and start to play chess better?” No one said to me: “I know exactly what to do and I can guarantee your progress”.

From that time onwards, I began to think about the right way of training and improving myself. That’s why I took an interest in psychology: it explains how the human brain works. After understanding some principles of a human’s thinking process, I grasped why the usual way of training is so ineffective.

Combining my chess experience and psychological knowledge, I started to create my own system of chess education. My chess results then became much better – I increased my rating to 2505, and at the young age of 20, I became a Grandmaster. My chess educational system corroborated its effectiveness in practice!.

I was very happy that after a long period of hard work, everyday training and huge efforts, I had learned the right way to train. Based on my experiences, I’ve decided to share this important knowledge and skills with other people, who want to get better in their own chess development. I believe it will help other people to save significant time and a lot of expenditure on futile efforts, and enjoy fast progress.


1st prize at Kasparov’s Cup-2009

World Champion Garry Kasparov presenting the 1st prize to Igor Smirnov on “Kasparov’s Cup-2009″

1st Place in Ukraine Championship - 2005

Ukraine has a rich chess tradition with a strong emphasis on chess education and development. Being 1st in the Ukraine Championship was a great honour.

Became an International Master at 13 and Grandmaster at 20

This success was by implementing my unique thinking system, which honed my strategic skills and decision-making processes. By leveraging this innovative approach, I attained the International Master title at 13 and prestigious Grandmaster title at 20.

2nd Place World Youth Olympiad - 2003

The World Youth Olympiad in chess is highly prestigious in the chess world, often regarded as one of the most significant tournaments for young chess players. Getting 2nd in the world was a great boost for my confidence earlier on in my chess career.

Featured in India’s Prestigious Newspaper “Hindu”

Grandmaster Igor Smirnov conducted a training session for about 80 chess players and played a simul from the five southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Karnataka.

10 Board Simul

Playing a 10-board simul in chess against talented young players presents a formidable challenge that tests a player's mental acuity, strategic depth. This is where my system that I created helped me make good decisions quickly.


Meet Grandmaster Karthik

“Through the course 'Calculate till Mate’, my calculating ability has changed completely, and it has opened my eyes to the vast vista of opportunities to develop the most interesting moves against tough opponents. I quickly reached a 2276 rating in a few months and eventually became a Grandmaster.”

Meet GM Jaan Ehlvest (World number 6 in his peak)

“My name is Jaan Ehlvest. I was one of the top tournament players during 1988 till 1991 when I finished the World Cup tournament series only behind Kasparov, Karpov and Salov.
Talking about Smirnov’s concept – it is more practical. I like that he has a lot of examples from practical games. I myself used some of the materials presented by Igor and I was a very satisfied customer.”

Meet Ashwin ACO World Champion

I became the ACO World Champion after learning the system taught by Igor.
Ashwin Subramanian is a 40-year old engineer who has bought more than 15 RCA chess courses.
He won the World Amatuer Chess Organization (ACO) Championship with an amazing score of 7.5/9 points! He was the only unrated player in the field, the rest were all rated players.

Meet James Sawaski (Michigan State Champion at 44)

I became Michigan Champion at age 44 after 30 years of trying after studying Igor’s courses.
James Sawaski had been trying to win one of the amateur championships of his Michigan/ Wisconsin area since he was 14 years old. Then, in 2015, James Sawaski became the Michigan State Amateur Championship Winner!
After mastering the GM Smirnov’s course, he was able to take 1st place in this tournament at the age of 44!

Meet Vladimir Dragovic 49 yrs old

“8 months ago I just started playing. Now I am 1800, and moving up fast.
Hello Igor,your new course is what was needed! It brings all that I went through in your previous courses to a new, deeper level of understanding.
I am so surprised, and on second thought I am not. it is now obvious that you deeply understand the teaching process.”

Meet IM Jose Gascon

Recently I became the youngest International Master of Venezula
“So when I took the masterclass I saw it as a chance to improve my chess. I study the GM Secrets course and it's incredible how GM Igor Smirnov explains the most importants ideas.
I began to use these ideas on tournaments and I quickly won many tournaments and became an International Master.
So I highly recommend investing a little money buying this course and let Igor do all the rest!!!”


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