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The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Your guide to think and calculate during each stage of a chess game

The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory

This course will allow you to study the really powerful opening repertoire in a convenient and effective way!

My Thinking System by GM Igor Smirnov

This premium video teaches you how to develop a system of thinking.

The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

Get the QUALITATIVE LEAP in chess development, go beyond studying tactics, opening lines, etc.

Winning the Middlegame

A clear practical guide to the middlegame play

The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2

Advance your opening play to the level of Masters / Grandmasters! Learn the general principles of opening play.

Calculate Till Mate

A COMPLETE and UNIQUE 3-in-1 training system that will sharpen your tactics, calculation, and visualization skills.

Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind

The course summarizes how Grandmasters actually think while playing the game of chess.

Hurry Offer Valid till 28th December


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$ 179

Complement the teachings of a world champion with our most complete guide to reach the positional understanding of a Grand Master.

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After the opening, the middlegame arises. Take advantage, save 31 USD and get my most complete middlegame course ‘Winning the Middlegame’ to guide you on this critical stage of the game

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$ 178 $ 149

In addition to mastering a defense against 1.e4, learn the Grunfeld defense, a sharp and aggressive reply to 1.d4, to strengthen your opening repertoire and save 29 USD

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Save 49 USD while learning BOTH the specific rules and the general understanding to bring your chess strength to a higher level

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Save a whopping 49 USD and combine Kasparov’s winning techniques with my most complete Middlegame guide

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Combine my winning techniques with my best guide to master your calculation and visualization skills while saving 49 USD!

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The Grandmaster's Secrets

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